Issues using Image Gallery stack on mobile devices

@joeworkman has been very helpful trying to solve this but so far no cure. The problem is that as mobile devices have no mouse hover function the Previous and Next buttons will not display. My thinking is to solve this by replacing the Image Gallery stack with a SlideShow one when viewing on mobile devices.

Am I correct in thinking that if I check the Hide this stack and Do Not Publish and click on the mobile devices icon that this will hide those stacks when viewed on Mobile devices? I have tried with the simulate function and that is not the case - wanted to check with expert users before I get into all of the work of adding the slider stack etc

Thank you

Bruce Hemming

If you want to hide the stack on mobile, just use that setting. Don’t tick Do Not Publish or the stack won’t be published at all and thus won’t be seen at other screen sizers.

Your approach looks to add weight and complexity to the page and I wonder what alternatives you’ve considered? I don’t know what the page looks like but maybe you could add a simple text box under the gallery on mobile that said ‘Slide left or right to move through the gallery’.

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Thank you for that Rob. Confirms what I though ought to happen but I am surprised that the simulate function does not show that. Although this solution does add complexity it also solves another issue. Check on a smartphone and you will see that when the Image Gallery stack displays it does not cover the background images - which is very confusing. Having a slideshow but no background would solve this. This does not appear to be an issue on iPads and your suggestion of adding a text box might be appropriate there.



I have now used a Slider stack for phones and concealed the Image Gallery stacks. This seems to work OK. On tablets the slider works in portrait orientation and disappears in landscape orientation - which I think will not confuse the viewer too much - any feedback appreciated!

Thank you

Bruce Hemming

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