Problems with Comments (review) stack in Foundation

Has anyone had problems with Will Woodgate’s Comments stack (product rating stack) altering the page menu in the original Foundation Top Bar stack (not Foundation 6)? I get a Javascript error as follows:

[Error] SyntaxError: Invalid character ‘\u2018’
(anonymous function) (stacks_page_page1.js:139)

Maybe something to do with a left single quote mark.

Do you have a URL to a page? Seeing JavaScript errors without the JavaScript code is next to impossible to debug.

G’day Doug,
No don’t have a URL yet but will let you know when. Hopefully today if the client turns up.
Doug, all the best for 2021.

Doug, I have set up Emporter to create a URL. May be you can see what you need there.
Here is the url:


Getting mixed content errors on that URL. Page didn’t load correctly so no JS errors yet.

OK. Thought it worth a try. Will let you know when it is published.

Doug, have found the problem. It was a list a “bad words” which used the wrong type of inverted comma.
Thanks so much for your help.

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