Problems with contact form

I have since a few weeks problems with my contact form.
See attach…
I use RW 8.6.2 and macOS 11, Big Sur, latest beta.
Any help?

Hi Roger, and welcome to the forum.

Contact form problems can be difficult to debug remotely as they are dependent on the hosting environment.

Could you possibly give us a screenshot of the settings you are using?

Also who are you hosting with?

Thanks Doug!
Are you meaning these seetings in the attach?

@rtuor It seems you are providing info on 2 different websites. Is that correct?

There seem to be several problems:

  1. SFTP rather than FTP would be better (though perhaps not the cause of your problems)
  2. I don’t see a “mode” on my publishing setup. (But maybe that’s because I’m using SFTP)
  3. You path and website address are grayed out. Not sure if this is a problem, but not grayed out for me. (Perhaps due to SFTP, not sure)

Other possible issues:

  1. Using Big Sur beta. There can easily be bugs in a beta so possible this is not a RW issue.
  2. You say the form has not worked for weeks. Did it work at some time in the past?
  3. As @teefers mentions … letting us know about your hosting company may be helpful. Not all hosting companies are equal in terms of quality and other issues.

Thanks Mathew! I try to use SFTP but it didn’t solve my problem. I think the problem is since Big Sur because yes it works in the past. So I also think it don’t depend on hosting company.

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