RW6 won't open in Capitan!

Hi, and thanks in advance.

Today I finally upgraded from Maverick to El Capitan (I know, I know), and the first and most important check was to see if RW works. When I clicked on the icon, all I got was “The Application Rapid Weaver can’t be opened.” No reason, nothing. I use RW for my professional work, so this is critical. What on earth could be going on? Please help!

Thanks so much! Josh

just re download RW that should fix the issue

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You were right! Thank you. I used a zip file of an older version of RW6 from February, because you can no longer get RW6 from the Realmac site now that they’re onto RW7. I’m hoping they’ll send me a link to the latest RW6 version. Thanks again, Scott.

You should be able to get any version here:

Thank you, Jason. Now that’s a useful link to have for future reference!

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