New Mac Woes and blah blah

Trying to move to a new laptop (running Mojave). Installed RW 8, upgraded to 8.5.
RW 6 and 7 came along for the ride. Uninstalled these.
Several issues:

  1. The icons in the library are too large, I’d like to reduce their size but see no place in “Preferences” to do this.
  2. Stacks 3.0 is gone. Went to Yourhead Software “you can download previously purchased software…” but there is no link for Stacks 3. Lots of links to Stacks 4, though.
  3. All of the publishing settings are…gone. If I were installing the program for the first time, I could understand this, but I am migrating from another installation.
  4. I do not know what other surprises await me ( Unable to load all pages in “project”.)
  5. I still have Jumbotron/Hero problems. I thought RWSkinz would be my salvation but…still not easy to change Hero images there. I’ve been back and forth with tech support. I have the Jumbotron stack but it doesn’t always work. Can anyone recommend a solution? (this isn’t related to the migration). (Yes, I know, duplicate theme, find duplicate in finder, replace image there. But there should be a way to do this within RW, not outside of it.) And I’d like to place text on the Hero image.
  6. “and blah blah” has nothing to do with this post except that the title of the post must have more than 15 characters, so the succinct “New Mac Woes” was not accepted.

I assume you are talking about the stacks library. Bottom of the library:

I can’t help with that. I think you just have to re-enter.


Thanks very much.

How did you move to the new laptop, using the migration assistant? Presumably that would bring over your settings, assuming you had RW 8 on the old computer too. If RW 8 wasn’t on the old computer there would be no settings to migrate. However, you should be able to manually copy the needed files from the old computer to the new, if you know where to look.

I believe I used either Time Machine or the migration assistant.
The programs all behaved as if they were new installs. Much time lost chasing down serials, and some companies out of business, so I’m SOL.
A few stacks came over, but not all. Same with themes.
No publishing settings either. I haven’t lost these, the old laptop still exists, albeit without a very useful keyboard.

You can manually transfer what you need. On your new computer in RW8, open the Preferences > Addons tab. Click the Reveal in Finder button, which will open the folder where the addons are stored.

Do the same thing on the old computer, and copy the contents of that folder from the old computer to the new computer.

You can also try copying over all the preference files (settings). In Finder, use the menu item Go > Library (if Library isn’t in the menu, press the option key). From there, navigate to Containers > com.realmacsoftware.rapidweaver8 > Data > Library > Preferences

Copy that Preferences folder into the same location on the new computer. Presumably, that should also contain your Rapidweaver settings including publishing settings.

Also check the Keychain app to see if you passwords are intact. Rapidweaver will store passwords in the keychain too.

It doesn’t. At least not the login credentials. They are kept in keychain. There really isn’t much in the Preferemces folder.

If you want to go theredirectly select Go from finder and Go To Folder or (Shift+Command+G) and paste:

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My preferences folder was chock full of files. Settings for different stacks and plugins, and RW8 itself.

If you use iCloud Keychain, then everything from the old computer should be on the new computer. If not, the Keychain files can be manually transferred as well.

P.S. I transferred from an old iMac to new iMac a little over a year ago, doing everything manually, and I got everything I needed with no issues using the above steps (assuming I didn’t forget anything).

Most of the plist (The files you see) don’t have a lot to them, for example, every stack has a plist that has two fields LastCheckTime and a switch HasLaunchedBefore. These get updated every time you check for updates.

Not sure where you got these steps. If you look at the preferences pList there is no reason to copy them.

Here is the official way from RealMac (For RW7 but other than the project name shouldn’t be different):

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