Problems with text spacing


I’m having a lot of trouble with text content and odd line spacings.

Sometimes this is text that I have entered directly, and other times when I have copied and pasted text form a word Processor (pages)

It’s driving me up the wall - there is no rhyme or reason.

Please help, or point me in the right direction.

Any time you paste in text from a word processor application (Word, Pages, etc.) it also copies in hidden formatting code. This code gives very inconsistent results among various web browsers and between platforms.

You should only use plain text inside RW and use the formatting features of RW to do the actual formatting.

You can do this easily with pasted text if you use the menu command “Edit -> Paste as Plain Text” when you paste any text into RW.


thanks - I thought it was something like that, but I tried working round using TextEdit.

this makes things a lot easier.

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