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Hi, I recently purchased several products for RapidWeaver 8, and no one in the support team is willing to assist me with my question! Hopefully I have success here!

My question is… How do I even find the products that I purchased to install them?

I see many videos on how to design your site, and do this and that, but no one has thought to make a video on how to actually FIND your product TO install it!

like… where do they go to once the purchase is made so that I can find them and install them and use them to build a site through RapidWeaver?

What Products did you buy that you can’t find? RapidWeaver 8?, Stacks 4? Themes?

I’m assuming you have downloaded and installed RW.

Each vendor sells there products. Most will send you an email with a download link.

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I purchased stacks 4, and foundry

@jwd725 I’m simply repeating (below) my response to your post in another thread with the same questions. Based on your response above it seems this might be useful:

@jwd725 Obviously I don’t know your whole situation but the vast majority of products you may have purchased will send you an email with a link for downloading the product plus a license code (if needed). So my guess is that the problem is with email communication:

  1. did you give folks your correct email address (this wouldn’t be the first time someone didn’t)
  2. depending on a variety of factors it’s quite possible that you did receive the emails and they went directly into your junk folder. So if not deleted, check there.
  3. finally it seems very unlikely you bought $300 of products with RealMac. (I suppose it’s possible, but unlikely.) For instance if you purchased Stacks then that’s handled by another vender: RealMac does not make the product.

My best guess (and it’s only that) is that you bought a variety of products from different vendors. Since you haven’t heard from any of them (apparently) then the main problem seems to be with your email setup.

Of course this may not be the problem at all … I’m simply going by the information you’ve provided so far and trying to make some reasonable guesses about what may have happened. It is very very very rare that folks have any problems getting the relevant emails when they purchase RW.

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Stacks 4 is from YourHead software. They should have sent you an email.
You can also look up (by email address) here

Foundry lookup at bottom of page:
Elixir Support Hub (

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