Professional Help with RW?

I have had some custom programs made for my little website. I play bass band music, British Brass Bands, and Salvation Army Bands. For being such a narrow focus in has a lot of listeners. I have a voting system which I had a custom program written and works very well. I hired a programmer using a website called (disclosure, I have nothing to do with Freelancer). It is a web place where projects and programmers meet, and agree on project deadlines, prices, milestones, etc. If I need a small program (like I had both an iPhone and an Android app for the station made) I setup parameters and people bid both on the time AND the amount of money they are willing to work for – and you select one. It works perfectly for small guys like me.

Would it be appropriate to place “ads” asking for help on a RapidWeaver project on this board? For example, I am not great with databases, etc. I need someone to build me a table from Google spreadsheets to be displayed on RapidWeaver pages regarding brass music instrument mouthpieces using Grid Iron or maybe Flex Table and pay them a reasonable (a small guy’s) fee. Would this be appropriate? Security is a problem, but in all honesty, I have nothing to steal. I would be glad to give someone some spending money (Freelancer is about $40/hr) and I don’t bang my head against a wall for days and not get anywhere.


I believe there is a stack so you can display the Google spreadsheet right on your RW page now…
have a search and see what you can find.

I have both Grid Iron 2 and FlexTable. I spent a lot of time with Grid Iron trying get it to work. My tables were originally programmed in DreamWeaver. Every update makes me go back and try to remember my PHP programming. After working for days with Grid Iron, I gave up and programmed in PHP. A waste of my time and energy. Plus, it just does not look professional. :frowning:

Off the top of my head there are 2 stacks that will take a google sheet and display it on your site.

Grid Iron stack by Chillidog

Powergrid CSV stack by Joe Workman


There is no issue posting for private service requests in the forums. You should ask for communication via PM though so the whole world doesn’t follow the thread and take stuff you pay for imho.


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I believe you can actually embed it with the html code from Google also.

Is the idea to allow you to update the grid from Google sheets, or is that just where the data happens to be?

Thanks Turtle. SWilliam – That is what Grid Iron does. You set up a spreadsheet in Google and Grid Iron uses that data. You basically have to tell Google that the Spreadsheet is Public and match it up with Grid Iron. I never could get it to work. There is a thread on this board with me asking for help with Grid Iron and lots of nice people trying to help me. I never did make it happen.


Can you point me to the thread? You should be running version 2.5, make the sheet public (via the share link) AND publish it via the File menu. After that, you have to copy the key from the URL and the corresponding GID (also in the URL) into grid iron. That’s it. Grid iron must be published to display your table (FYI)


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Hey @barchard

The thread is incomplete (IOW, no repossess after yours), but it is here:


Greg, Brad pointed out the thread I posted months ago which has all the info. The thread died. People tried to help, but alas, I gave up and did it in HTML and PHP. I hate programming (although I was very good at it). This is why I like RW.


Jim, See my message - I have it working

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just get plusKit best way to work with Google stuff