ProGallery 2 Changing the file name of thumbnail image

Hello, I’m using Pro Gallery 2, and I like it! However, at the mo I am confused as to how I can change the filenames of my added images.

Here’s my method :slight_smile:

I click on the blue circle with the white plus sign, and select single image, with ‘drag and drop’ selected. I click on browse for small and large thumbnail images. The images appear in the squares, but the file names change to something like ‘thumbnail’ with a number. On the page settings ‘single image’ there is image title, image caption, and alternative link, but nowhere to change the filename. Can anyone let me know how I change the file name in Pro Gallery 2 with this way of adding images please?

I have also tried clicking on the add an image, and just drop an image in the space. I can see that I can change the filename then, under Page, Image, File Name. When I click on the image, it takes me to ‘image’, and not ‘single image.’ In Preview the cursor doesn’t appear over the image, like it does in the example above.

I’m not sure how to use the other ways of adding images, maybe I should be adding them differently?

The problem was due to not selecting image source to ‘warehoused’ and setting links for ‘thumbnails’ and ‘lightbox.’ @willwood HUGE THANKS TO WILL for sorting this for me. :smile:

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