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I own S4S ProGallery. Will tells me that I can set a use one small image to be the thumbnail, and one larger image to be the Lightbox image, but I cannot figure out how that is done. Can anyone guide me please? Will directed me to his info page, but I can’t find the help I need there.

I know it works in the single warehoused image, but don’t think it is there for local images or others:

You can drop small (thumb) version and large (display) version of each image into a warehoused folder and then use CSV file to pair them together and add captions.

This is a rather sophisticated system – for someone who has no problem with creating and editing CSV files. I am not one of those people, so I opted for a different gallery that is driven by a text file instead (slightly less options, but also allows me to create captions).

However, I am sure that with Will’s help, you can make it work and you will love it.

I see this option now, but I fear the work to reward ratio is not there. I would need to find the link to each file and insert them SLOWLY into ProGallery. I need to look at other options. I separated my pages to have smaller groups of local ProGallery stacks on each page. That works. I will continue to look for other options, and test some of the other ProGalley settings.

Yep… CSV is above my pay level!

That is one reason, but more so I want to speed up edit mode page loading in RW. That slows down cumulatively as more ProGallery stacks with images are added to a page. The limit before it’s annoying is about 15. I’m using a current model 13" MacBook Pro Touchbar i7.

Bruce: Do you mean the edit mode itself becomes slow? (That’s never been my experience with ProGallery.) Or when you try to preview the page from edit mode it becomes slow? That could become slow, I suppose, but there are at least 2 solutions:

  1. the images you are using are too big. As a decent estimate you probably don’t want your images to be more then 300k each. So if some of your images are north of 1 Mb (e.g.) then things will slow down quite a bit. But the problem is really the size of the images, not ProGallery.
  2. if all of the images are roughly a good size (300k or smaller) then perhaps you don’t need to preview from edit mode as much. I’ve used ProGallery with 40 images. It definitely loads slower than with 12 images but I’ve designed the page so I can easily imagine how it will all look. I rarely preview a ProGallery stack in RW, but mainly because I don’t need to.

Neither of these may be addressing your real issue. I don’t know. But I’ve been happily using ProGallery for awhile now.

If the images being loaded are the issue then warehousing them will speed it up because they are not part of the RW file anymore and your RW file will open and save quicker. However, I think it is just that RW + Stacks slows down when content grows.

I mean in RW when I switch to another page and in edit mode it takes time to load that page. The more ProGallery stacks, the longer it takes. My images average 61k each. This is in EDIT mode. I’m not concerned about RW preview mode. I realize that will take longer.

I’m happy with ProGallery too, just trying to find a way to speed up the edit mode page loading.

I’m going to test warehousing the images and see if that helps.

I think with a lot of pictures the CSV (comma separated value) would be something to look into. They are just text files were each field has a comma to separate them.
If you know how to use numbers or excel you can setup a table with you URLs, alt text, and titles. Both spreadsheet programs will create a CSV file from the table.

Bruce: Ah, I thought you were already warehousing. Warehousing with ProGallery has huge benefits. One benefit is faster editing. When I go from one page to another and back with ProGallery I see no slow down at all. But I am warehousing.

One of the other nice things about warehousing in this case is it’s easy to add new images (or remove some) and the whole gallery is auto-updated. Very fast and simple.

Might want to check out @willwood free book on warehouse images

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@Mathew, I think I have things set up correctly, but I see no ProGallery on my page. I may have the relative path wrong. Can you take a look and see if you can find what I have wrong? Thanks.

There should be a ProGallery under the buttons on this page.

Looks like a path problem. What should the path be? Your 2004 to 2000 button is going to the wrong place as far as I can tell. I think it should go to draw.biz/archive/2004 to 2000 archive/ which seems to be a valid page.

Bruce: Maybe I’m missing something but it seems like all your galleries are showing. Still having problems?

BTW, when using ProGallery I always have to use relative paths. So, for example, the image shows how I’ve set that up in one case. I believe Will details how to do this at the relevant webpage (specifically the use of “…/” and how many times).

@Mathew, I added a ProGallery to my page with the buttons as a test. This screen shot should explain it. Thanks.

@webdeer, Thanks. I’ll work on the relative path. The …/…/ makes no sense to me, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work! I’ll try changing it. As for the 2004 to 2000 button, It’s directed correctly when I click it?

You must learn about relative paths to use it or it will drive you crazy. actually even when you are familiar with relative paths they still drive you crazy sometimes. Joking aside it is one thing that is most useful to learn.

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@Mathew, As far as I can tell I have it correct. …/…/ is two directories back. WHen it’s correct will the gallery appear in RW in preview mode? I see nothing there. Please help with by showing me how to set this up. That’s what I need and how I will learn.