Project file suddenly shrunk

I have been working on a RW 8 project file for a while with a size around 800MB. Suddenly today the project file appears to be only 210MB without me having deleted any content. Is this something to be concerned about?

I’ve encountered project file corruption in the past and wonder if this is a sign of that.

[Edit] Wait a sec, something is screwy with the file system. When I “Compress” the 220MB file into a .zip it’s 750MB, and when I diff the project file contents with an earlier copy the files appear identical, even though one is 800MB and the other 220MB. Is this some APFS “feature”? :expressionless:

An 800MB project file … wow that’s huge. What have you got in there, loads of video and full size images?

@axxxxe Yes, it likely is something to be concerned about.

What’s your backup situation? Do you have backups done by RW to your server? What size are they? Using Time Machine, SuperDuper, or some other back up app. Can you retrieve an earlier version?

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