Restoring Corrupt project from Time Machine

I have a problem with my RW 7 project, so I attempt to restore from a Timemachine backup. The file shows us as being 400mb (about as it should be) but when I restore the file with Time Machine it comes back as just 113MB … does this mean I do not really have any backups ? Is it just backing up part of the project package for some reason?

A bit nervous here!! Thanks for any suggestions

One way to find out, Paul, would be to restore/retrieve it from TM to a location (e.g. your desktop) where no file (such as the original) with the same name exists - and see if it is OK when opened. Good luck!


I agree with Mark best bet is to try. I have restored RW7 projects from TM and they worked fine.

If I’m restoring files just to go back in time, I rename the sone on the hard-drive then let TM restore to the original location and test it out.

I don’t know how Time Machine works (as I don’t use it) but I’m guessing it auto-compresses files. As an experiment I took one of my RW project files and then compressed it. It started at 29 Mb and ended at 13 Mb. That seems broadly in line with what you are seeing.

Thanks very much Mark. I have done as you suggested and restored the file properly! :heart_eyes: