Project Icon Image Change

(Mark Medford) #1

After upgrading to the latest RW and Stacks, it appears that, after saving, rather than showing a representation of a projects homepage, the image is just a Stacks icon. Is this right? If so, the image was much better. Not sure which update made the change.

Project window is showing a Stacks Icon
Project window is showing a Stacks Icon

Asked and answered here:

Sounds like it will be an option to show the preview in the future.

(Mark Medford) #3

So this is normal? I’m not using the Beta, it’s the paid upgrade. Thanks!

(Oscar Schmid) #4

When your homepage is a Stacks page, the Stacks icon appears in Stacks 3.
When your homepage is not a Stacks page, the preview appears.
It is a feature, because it’s faster. But you can go back to the preview.

(Mark Medford) #6

Got it. Thank you :smile: