Stacks 3 killed project preview

After upgrading to Stacks 3, the project window no more display the project preview. Instead, a generic icon is displayed.

Actually Stacks 3 broke nothing. Did you check the advanced settings in the stacks preferences? Also did you check the rapidweaver settings?

There you’ll find what you are looking for

Click Prefs in the Stack Inspector

Then set the Preview option


This is a feature. Its really makes saving medium to large projects a lot faster. In fact, RapidWeaver added this as a preference now as well… Enable Quicklook Generation. It really is for the best.


I find it very disturbing that people are willing to come on a public forum and say ANYTHING before doing ANY research or even contacting the developer first. Or, even search these forums themselves. I did a search for for Stacks 3 Icon and got this
which would have given you the answer you were looking for.

Sorry for my rant, but the number of duplicate posts on the forums is sad…

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Well said @zeebe

Moderator! Delete this thread in its entirety please.

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perhaps i can just start linking things to specific answers on as a way to get people a single source of answers.

Here’s one for this:

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Closing the topic as it has been solved/answered.

I think everyone needs a friendly reminder…above all, be friendly. We want the forums to be a happy and helpful place, but the both of them must be paired and cannot be separated. One will always undo the other.

That said, I agree a search before posting is absolutely necessary - I’ll see what we can do about making that more evident and this will be added to the forum rules.

Remember, we were all new to RapidWeaver/Stacks/Web Design at one time - no need to make someone feel bad about it.

Message me if you have any questions!

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