Project window is showing a Stacks Icon

Hi All, i am slowly getting to grips with RW 6.3.3 and Stacks 3, RW still has the odd crash though !!!

However my question today :- on my Projects Window my current project has an ICON very much like a Stacks Icon, but all the other Projects in the same Window have an Icon that depicts what the Index Page looks like !.

Very strange i thought, the Project that doesnt show the correct Icon is using the Archetypon Theme “GRID”


I believe this issue was raised during the beta - take a look at that thread. I think that the previews have been disabled but you can re-enable them in the settings if you want it back…

Hi Guys,
Please read the rules before posting, this would have told you to search, which would have shown you the many other threads already asking about this same topic.
You can get your answer here:

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Look here! That’s a feature, not a bug.

Dam Dam and Dam again, that option doesnt appear to work for me, i have shut down and restarted RW twice and also Re-Booted my Lap Top as well !.

However, i am not going to Panic, afterall that is the ONLY Project i have that does show a Stacks Icon, instead of the Page Preview.

Thank you all for responding to my query, i can now see that i am NOT the ONLY one to have asked exactly the same question.


RW doesn’t generate a preview on every save. i’ve found a good way to trigger it is to:

  1. launch rw
  2. move something around on the homepage
  3. save
  4. quit

but, i must admit this is sort of a rain-dance – i don’t know exactly what triggers the regeneration of the preview – perhaps @nikf knows.


Tim you are not alone…I’ve also wondered the same thing. I like seeing my theme rather than the Stacks icon. I can’t even find that Stacks Preferences window so you are way more advanced than me lol. Note to self…read some bloody manuals.


Look here. I had posted some pictures.

Ah thanks Oscar! No wonder I missed it, that wee little prefs button!

Thanks again :wink:

We generate a QuickLook thumbnail on the initial save of a document. And then a week or so later it’ll update. But there’s no other way to force it to update.


@nikf thanks nik, your reply, that must be in response to my query above !


In follow up to this specific area we’ve been talking about, is there a way to read the full title of the projects in this window? For example I have 2 projects showing up, Transparent 5.4 and Transparent 6.3, but I can only see the word ‘transparent’ the rest is cut off…so other than having to actually open both to see which is which, how can I read the full title of my project before opening? Resizing the window doesn’t help.

Excellent @Gabrielle i couldnt have put it better myself a very good suggestion, maybe a Finder kind of display where the divisions can be dragged wider, revealing the full length of the project/file name :relaxed:

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Thanks. But that link appears to be broken.

Because the is no longer up or working. You would need to ask @isaiah about that.

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