Project Not Saving & Default Plugins missing

(Dylan Merte) #1

I’m all of a sudden having issues trying to save my site, just last night I was working on my site and was able to save, which I also did many times during the day yesterday. Now I come back to continue work today and for some reason I’m unable to save and I get an error message. (seen in the screenshot)

From what I’m seeing there is issues with some pages acting like they can’t load because the original plug-in is missing, but for example I notice a default RW “contact form” page. I have many contact form pages that load and are fine, but others have the icon next to them showing that they’re missing the plug in.

Could me being unable to save be due to some pages plug-ins being missing? Even if not how could that even be happening?

Steps I’ve taken to try to fix the issue so far:

  1. Did maintenance and cleared my user cache on my computer.
  2. Uninstalled and reinstalled RW, and restarted my computer many times.

I’m using RW 7.3.3

Can anyone please help ASAP? This is a big update to a large site and has been taking a long time to do, so I’d hate having to redo all my work.

(drc007) #2

There is a thread here

no solution as yet though