Project Settings for New Project

Is there a way to keep my publishing settings, etc… from a previous project when starting a brand new project?

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This would be a useful option in future releases.

Publishing settings you can create a bookmark, then add the bookmark to the new project.

Other settings both general and advanced unfortunately have to be re-entered for each new project.

Both myself and others have requested this feature be added back since at least RW6.
Since Realmac doesn’t keep any sort of public roadmap for what’s in the works, what’s been requested and what’s being rejected, it’s hard to say if or when something will be added.

How do I set a bookmark for publishing settings?

From the publishing settings screen at the bottom the button add to bookmarks. The bookmark title will be taken from the top. Then on another project or to change the current project to publish to a difffernet location (like a test URL or Local folder). Select add from bookmark button from the bottom.
You can also remove a destination with the remove button(you do need at least one destination).

You can also mange (add edit delete) bookmarks by slecting Manage bookmarks:




Thanks for that tip, Doug. I forgot about Bookmarks, because I always export to the local folder… :blush:

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