Publishing Settings once again

I have been trying to copy my RapidWeaver files from my home computer to my office computer and running into trouble getting the publishing settings transfered over. I did make a bookmark for the publishing settings, but when I open Manage Bookmarks on the office computer there are no saved bookmarks. I cannot find how to transfer these bookmarks. Where is the file to move the bookmarks?

Also, now on both computers after updating to latest RapidWeaver 7 on both computers, my publishing settings are not visible.

So I cannot even manually re-enter the publishing settings on the other computer.

Sorry, I finally figured it out. RapidWeaver doesn’t work in Mojave dark mode, as it has white text on white background in the program operating windows. When I switched over to light mode, the dark text came back.

RW works very good in dark mode, so this must be a different issue.

RW8 works in dark mode, RW7 was out long before there was dark mode.

If you want to use dark mode you probably need to upgrade most of the apps to the latest release. RapidWeaver and most apps had to make changes to support dark mode.


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