Solved: "Publish" blurb changed/removed... or am I crazy?

RW Version 7.0.4 (17842)

Something changed (I think.) Didn’t my RW window have a indicator above or below the “Publish” selector in top right corner? It indicated whether you were publishing to server or local??? Didn’t it?? It is gone. Did I dream it??? I’m sure I could glance up in that corner and tell what the current setting was.

My pulldown always indicates “cloud” (server) even when Export Location is selection.

You control the ‘where’ of publishing in the Advanced settings now, Greg.

Thanks for the reply. I know that Mark. What I’m saying was that I"m sure that not too long ago I could just “glance” up in that corner and tell what the setting was currently on… local or server. Now there is no indication at all except the “cloud” on the button and it’s a “cloud” even when local is selected. I go back and forth several times a day between “local” and “server” and it’s really handy to have a “visual” of the current setting. May I dreamed it but I swear up until just a few days ago such an indicator was there… now it’s not. Perhaps I’m just old and losing my mind… !

No, Greg, you’re not losing your mind. The indicator was there and on my installation, it is still there:

I see text verbiage on all. I probably turned off an option somewhere… THANK YOU. WOW. I thought I was crazy.

ahhh… RW stays true to Apple standards… right click on top of RW window and you are presented with the label options… Don’t know how I managed to turn text labels off. Thanks Rob! Thanks so much for the time to reply and take screenshot!

No problem at all. My pleasure…