Projects Window - Now empty?

Hi All,

I don’t know if this is something anyone else has experienced.

I loaded RW 6.3.5 today and all my recent project files have disappeared.

I think i can get them all back but hunting them down in the Finder etc but does anyone know why this would happen? Better still anyone know how i can get those recent item back in without tracking down each one?



Hey Chris

If you go to the File menu -> Open Recent… sub-menu, are your files listed there? If not, have you used an app such as CleanMyMac to tidy things up? The Open Recent… list, and the recent projects window, use a file list provided by OS X, so if OS X reports there are no recent documents, we can’t show ‘em.

Hope that helps!


No CleanMyMac here i’m afraid.

i loaded my site this morning changed a page uploaded, saved and then quit. Reopened RW when i saw your response and the file i opened an hour ago is not there.

Quite confusing…

The good news is. After a complete shutdown and reboot all the files have reappeared.

Turn it off and turn it back on kinda works

Thanks for the support guys.

RW Team rock