All my recent projects have disappeared from my "projects" window

All my recent projects have disappeared from my “projects” when I call up RW. How do I put them back?

For a while I could get around this by going to “other projects” below the window and I found them there. But now they are not there either.

What is happening?
This never happened with RW 6 or RW 5. I am having SO MUCH TROUBLE with RW 7!

I never cleared away “Recent files,” though I did clear my cookies (which cleared my browsing history).

I doubt that’s the problem, though, because I found my most recent project on my computer and opened it and it still did not appear on the Recent Project List.


This doesn’t answer your question but my idea would be to not depend on the Project window. The projects are files just like any other so have them in a folder where you know where they are and simply launch the file. In fact, I use my project files so often I have a Alias of each one in readily accessible places so I can launch them from many places. Or, put them in a “RW Project” folder and drag the folder to you Finder sidebar and they will be accessible from any window…

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Thanks Greg. I have been launching from wherever they are, but it is disappointing that the software is NOT working as it should. And since I’m also having an AWFUL time republishing my sites (even though the settings are correct and they have previously published) I wonder if there are just some really bad inherent problems with RW 7. One community member wrote me and said that he often has to try to publish several times – and just keep trying – until one of them sticks. I don’t have the luxury of having so much time to keep retrying. I’m pretty heavily invested in software here, though, so I have to find answers to these things. Every time I need to update one site I have to call my server for help, and the subscription to this type of tech support there is $20 per month! (Lets see what he says THIS time… appointment in two hours.) I’m getting really fed up with 7.2. Never ever ever had this problem with either RW 5 or RW 6. Had to downgrade from 7.3 to 7.2. Just don’t have time to keep messing with this.

Two options to less frustrating publishing…
1.) Publish (export) to local folder and upload with a good FTP app.
2.) Publish exclusively by right clicking the page you update and publish pages as you work on them individually. The “page” publish seems to work for me. I seldom (if ever) simply “publish” relying on smart publishing. I prefer to control things myself rather than depending on the app to try to guess what I want to published.

If you do #1 and #2 you will learn a lot about what RW is doing when it publishes… The right click “page” publish also allows you to publish all child pages under it at one time also. So even if I have to republish entire site I do sections at a time by using page publishing and including it’s child pages.

This works for me… your experience may vary.