RW 6 updated and El Capitan installed - now RW does not "see" my recent project files

I have a number of RW 6 project files. After updated to El Capitan and RW 6.3.5 when I go to recent files RW does not see them and I cannot located them in the finder.

@johnniebyrd, please see the following thread

Hope that helps

I tried search for rw6 files and only got an older file. I did net a bunch of rw6 “folders” which will not open.

@johnniebyrd, hope you had a backup, cause it sounds like you’re going to have to restore your project files. If you upgraded “from” RW5.x then the extension to search for is *.rwsw …

Were your project files on the local drive or a network drive or the cloud?

Doesn’t sound like you did a clean install of OSX…

Can’t help much more than that as that’s about as far as my troubleshooting goes :wink:


I just allowed the application update to update to iOS El Capitan. That went without a hitch. So, your saying that the update to El Capitan deleted my projects file. I use an external hard drive with time machine. Are you thinking I can find those file there somehow?

@johnniebyrd, no, I am not saying it was the OSX update nor the RW update, but somewhere along the lines, the project files went missing.

What I am asking is if your external hard drive is just that or is your time machine backup?

If time machine backup, you can “Enter Time Machine”, search for .rw6 and maybe restore them from there “if” they were backed up.

If a storage drive (data drive), did you do a search of it for .rw6 files?

That’s about as far as I can go in helping, sure hope you find them. Maybe someone else has some ideas that can help…


Also, when you say locate them from Finder, are you saying the actual app finder or the hook from inside RW 'Other Files"?

I personally find the actual Finder app to be much more robust and faster than the hook from within RW… just an FYI.