Property Management Site -Help!

HI everyone,
I have a client that wants to add a section where a visitor can book retail space and they also want the customers to be able to pay right from the site. Does anyone know what my best option would be? Thanks very much, any help would be greatly appreciated.

There’s no ‘Property Stack’ or ‘Property Plugin’ so you’ll have to either use existing stacks or integrate a third party script from somewhere like PHPJabbers.

First though, can you give us a step by step of what it is your client wants visitors to be able to do when they go on the site?

You know,

  1. They go to a listing of properties
  2. Click on one and it opens in a new window
  3. They select this or that option
  4. Then the site calculates an annual rent (or whatever)
  5. They check out using this or that payment gateway

Without an understanding of the pathway, it’s hard to recommend a way forward.



Hi Rob,
Thanks so much for the info. This list 1-5 is probably how they would like it set up.
1-They go to a listing of properties
2-Click on one and it opens in a new window
3-They select this or that option
4-Then the site calculates an annual rent (or whatever)
5-They check out using this or that payment gateway

I really appreciate any additional help…

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I’d agree with Rob that your best bet is probably PHPJabbers. I haven’t personally used them yet but others on here have and they look to have pretty robust solutions. If you haven’t checked out their site, this might work for you: or even a re-purposed version of this:

There may be a way to finagle something like that into RapidCart Pro but I’m not sure…


@jabostick :+1: thanks Jason will have a look to it too, will need also something similar for vacation rentals and a rental car agency website.

If someone now a method to get something like this into RapidCart Pro would be great to hear and some example websites related make with RW :slight_smile:

Tell you what, for something like that you could well find that a stacks developer like @willwood might be prepared to take it on as a custom job and create the stack for you. You could then pass that cost onto your client. You’d get a solution that was tailored to your requirements and that’s guaranteed to work well with Rapidweaver and stacks.

I would have thought it was worth asking.



Might want to look at something like Wufoo, you can have money added into a form that way.

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Thanks, everyone! It’s all great information. I really appreciate the help!