Proportionally scaling banner image in "Corp" by WeaverThemes


I’m contemplating using the “Corp” or “Blurry” themes by WeaverThemes for a site of mine.

The themes have the ability to use a banner slideshow which I understand after exchanging a couple messages with the theme author - however, I need the image(s) to be scaled proportionally so it doesn’t get distorted, stretched, etc when the width of the site changes.

This doesn’t seem possible with the theme “out of the box” but wondering if it might be managed with a bit of css or similar. Side note: I wouldn’t be making use of the ExtraContent2 area to put text over the banner so that’s not an issue.

The “Escape” theme by Michael David handles the resizing perfectly and I’m wondering if I can duplicate that behavior in “Corp”?

Thanks one and all for any ideas!

I think I’ve just done it using the Extra Content stack.

Drop in an EC stack and set it to ‘2’
Go to Settings, Master Style and choose Banner ‘Hide’ and Banner Height ‘None’.
Drop a slideshow stack into EC2
Add images
Make sure you don’t constrain their height and width

Here’s what I ended up with -
That what you mean?


YES! Thank you! That is exactly what I meant.

For some reason the demo site does not behave this way but I’m thinking they must have used “.s-slide { height: 450px }” to force the height as I recall mentioned in their tutorial which won’t allow the proportional scaling. Without that, I think it should work as I need.

Thanks again.

Which slideshow stack did you use, btw?


Slider by Stellar Stacks. Simple, cheap and I really like it.

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