Theme with adjustable banner

Hello, I’m new on this forum, I’m Dutch, my English is bad, so excuse me for that.

I’m looking for a theme in which I can adjust the pictures of the banner. Is there a theme in which that is possible? Or is it better the use a stack for Rapid Weaver like Easy CMS or Total CMS. Thanks in advance for your response.

I use Strata from Nic Cates Design. With the Stack SuperFlex you can ad a slide show into the banner from Nick Cates Themes.

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There are plenty of themes that allow you to change the banner image or the banner slideshow.

Have a look at

Many of the themes there come with everything you need - so you don’t have to buy extra stacks.

Or has many themes which also include banner images and slideshows you can change. Again without requiring you to buy anything else.

Those are just a couple of ideas, you’ll find plenty more themes and theme developers over at

Good luck.


Thanks Rob for your friendly and detailed response. I looking for a theme in which I can place my own pictures. Can you recommend one?

Thanks for your response.

Excuse me Rob, I ment to say: a theme were I van place my own pictures in the banner… Maybe you can recommend one?

Why not have a look at something like

The good thing about Themeflood themes is that you can try the demo version for free and see if it suits your needs.


You can also with Foundation or any similar build it your self theme (BootSnap, Pure and Freestacks)