PSA: GoDaddy injects Javascript into your site + Offer

(Gregory Barchard) #1

Hi friends,

As a public service announcement, it seems that GoDaddy is Javascript into it’s customer’s sites. What’s worse, it’s opt-out meaning that it’s on by default for all US hosted sites. This Javascript even has the potential of breaking your site.

If you’re a GoDaddy US customer, I highly recommend turning this off ASAP. When you’re tired of these tactics, please come check out Chillidog. With the coupon nodaddy, enjoy your first month free. We will also migrate your site, databases, and emails over for free! (coupon expires 2/1/2019, new customers only)

Your top dog,

(Peter Danckwerts) #2

I like that, ‘nodaddy’! Of course we’re 12 days past 2/1/2019 on this side of the pond, but realise that to you it means 1 February.

(Gregory Barchard) #3

Yes, February. Sorry for the confusion :slight_smile: