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Hello everyone!

I have been building sites in RW for a couple of years but have never been in charge of the hosting side of things. Now I am trying to get a new site hosted, and I am completely lost. I have my domain and hosting through GoDaddy at the moment, but it is not working. And no one there can offer me any support or help with getting published on a site build through RW. Does anyone have any experience with using GoDaddy for hosting? Or should I look to another company to help with hosting?

Thank you!

Do yourself a favor and set up hosting with chillidoghosting @barchard is a RW developer and his service is second to none. He will have you going in no time.


Thank you! I have been reading a lot of good things about them. I put in a request with them to get started.

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Hi Cara

Yes we got your email. Thanks! We are on it. Brian (@LaPan) will be following up with you shortly!



I use GoDaddy with Rapidweaver but agree they are not very helpful unless you use their online apps. It’s almost as though they don’t want to support anything else. But I do use RW and the RW publishing.

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It’s almost as though they don’t want to support anything else

they don’t. they’re looking at competing more and more with the hosted web builders out there (SquareSpace, Wix, etc.) and, just as they do, lock you into paying them whatever they demand. RapidWeaver is:

  1. not a priority for them
  2. allows you to control/own your site content



Just moved one client away from GoDaddy to chillydog and others will follow. Very helpful and easy transition.


I’ve moved at least 5 sites from GoDaddy to Chilidog hosting and I’m very happy with the transition process and service. Anytime I ran into an isue I didn’t understand, Greg B. walked me thru effortlessly. A couple more and I’ll be all Chilidog!

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I use Chillidog for hosting and it is great! I also use NameSilo for domain names. They are cheap and it works! I have not found a lower cost option/combination of dependable services.

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