Godaddy vs Chillidog

I ALWAYS use Chillidog hosting whenever I can.

I have a new client who already has an account with Go Daddy.

I often hear bad about GoDaddy but dont think I have used their hosting.
This site will be predominantly images.

Are they super slow? Is there a reason people dont like them much?

Im wondering if I should just try and persuade him to dump them before I run into trouble. Or if thats just bad pr !

Go Daddy has a number of types of plans. I don’t think the issue most have with GoDaddy is performance, but how everything is an addon cost. SSL cost. Other things like PHP may cause you to upgrade plans. They use a bait and switch, get you to signup because it sounds cheap, but then you have addon and upgrade.


I can also add that Greg @ Chillidog responds faster than anyone at GoDaddy would as far as support.


Read the really, really, fine print in the GoDaddy plan. I had a plan that I was happy with with a “big” host and the plan advertised “unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited… unlimited… unlimited” - One day I awoke to find the website down. The host had made it inactive because they said our downloads were taking too much bandwidth on the shared server. I asked about my “unlimited” plan. They pointed out that the fine print said “as long as it doesn’t affect others on the server.” That same day I moved to another host.

So that’s the kind of thing you want to look for in the “plan” and then share with the client. Clients with money don’t really care if they get hit with “extra” charges… but if they think the site will go down “un-announced” some day they tend to listen to your suggestions a bit more.

Talk to Greg at Chillidog and see if he would simply shut you down without even sending you an email… I seriously doubt it. As stated, I’ve not used his services but I understand him to give very personal service.


The majority of my clients are on Chillidog and I often talk my clients into switching over to Chillidog. A couple of my clients have hosting with GoDaddy and I’ve never had an issue with them. They have always helped through any technical issues.

What I have found with most of the clients that have their own hosting is not that they really want to have their own hosting plan, but want to maintain the ownership of their domain. So, I offer them a plan comparable to GoDaddy, sell them Chillidog and point the DNS to Chillidog. Once I started offering to point DNS, we moved everyone over.

We also have a clause in my contract that states we charge by the hour for any technical support with any hosting company outside our approved hosting providers. Any savings are eaten up with our hourly rate.

Good luck.

He would not. I had some credit card fraud happen to me about a year ago and all my accounts (including my bank account) were frozen. My bills from Chillidog were going unpaid while I tried to clear up the mess. I explained everything to @barchard and he kept everyone going throughout the 3 weeks I was dead in the water. I can’t thank him enough.


@dropgates that’s great! If I ever need to go looking for another hosting service provider I definitely keep that in mind.

That’s great testimony. Although I don’t use Chillidog, I keep hearing really good things about them.


I am a new user with Chillidog Hosting, after many happy years with IXWebhosting. (They went under and have had a disastrous migration)

Greg walked me through everything, migrated my whole site for free, helped get the domain moved, and answered my emails very promptly.

I can highly recommend Chillidog Hosting.

Thanks, Greg!

Terry Vosbein


I moved from 1and1 and Greg could not have been more helpful.
His level of service is quite exceptional.

Brett H

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