Local publishing bug, RW 7

When I create a ‘Local Folder’ publishing location in Settings > Publishing > My Server, it creates directories inside the folder selected which correspond to the folder tree on the server.

Anyone else, please?

What is your question? Yes. Publishing to a local folder is now the same as “export” in the older versions. It’s builds and writes the files to your specified folder. You can then us FTP to upload to server if you so choose or use the folder to verify structure, etc.

I’m sorry - I really was not clear :frowning:

Instead of creating the familiar RW file structure with index.html, rw_common and all the various ‘files’ folders at root level for Local Publishing, RW 7.0.2 wraps these in a deep directory structure corresponding to the one necessary for (s)ftp to publish to a remove server in the right place.

E.g. at /user/web/public_html/site_name/index.html etc.

IOW it’s picking up and mixing the remote server directory hierarchy in the path of (s)ftp server and the local folder’s name!

RW7 is exporting same as RW5 and RW6 for me. Perhaps it’s something in your Publshing setup. Have you defined your “Export Location” in the Publish dropdown? Export Location > Local Folder > local path. As info my Server path is /public_htm/ but yours may vary depending on your server setup.

Thanks, Gregory. Yes, the path to the folder in which it is meant to publish is set in the Publish dropdown as the same level as my main Project file, called ‘Publish_Folder’

Yes, it’s creating subdirectories from that level down five levels corresponding to the equivalent on my host (FutureQuest) of the also common /public_html

IOW instead of publishing locally to:


the files are actually going into:

~/Sites/RapidWeaverProjects/Thisproject/Publish_Folder/hostname/com/public_html/msealey/www/… etc

(Names fictional!)

Hi Mark,

I’ve been able to replicate the behaviour you’re describing using the following steps.

  1. Create a new project
  2. Set up a new FTP publishing destination with a remote path
  3. Change the publishing destination type to Local Folder
  4. Choose an export folder
  5. Publish the site

Instead of publishing to the root of the local folder, RW publishes to the path specified in step 2.

We’ll get this fixed up in the next version of RW but for now a simple work around is to add a new publishing destination instead of reusing an existing one.


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Thanks, Tom! Exactly. Great news - and good luck :slight_smile:

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