Add on domain publishing

I had a search but didn’t see an answer that made sense…at least to me

I have added an add on domain to my hosting package with Chilli dog. I am trying to set up publishing. Can someone tell me what goes in the publishing boxes. I have a separate FTP username and password created in C panel but am getting into a muddle with the paths etc.

Thanks Nigel

This is what I have

I think the server is the same as your domain original…it’s just the path that changes so
does this help a bit?

I have addon domains with chillidog and they are actually in a seperate ‘domains’ folder…think it depend what you did when you set up the add-on

Thanks - Is that for a sub domain rather than an add on domain? Or are they the same?

Hi Nigel
They are different, an addon domain is like a seperate domain address and usually points to a different website…a subdomain is part of the original - like, but can still point to different content!! That’s my understanding…but I am easily confused!!!
I know what I have done and I use Chillidog so please PM me if you want and you can give me more specifics?? I can look at my setup and check when I am on my main computer if that helps

Thanks Wendy. I’m out so will have another look later. Yes the domains are separate add ins rather than sub/domains folders.


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