Can RW 7 be used to update an existing site?

I have been creating a website for almost 20 years. For the last several years, I’ve used Freeway Pro which is no longer supported. My site has many pages which I do not wish to change or update. What I would like to do is use RapidWeaver 7 to create new versions of a few pages, including the home page (index.html), and simply use links (in a site-index page that I would create in RW) to the other unchanged pages. It would be virtually impossible to re-create the entire site in RW.

My question is whether it is possible to use RW to publish only the newly created pages to my server without erasing the rest of the page files on my server. So, for example, if I create a home page, an introduction page (introduction.html) and a siteindex page (siteindex.html) and publish that material in RW to my server, overwriting previous pages with those names, will I be erasing the other existing page files or otherwise messing up the current site?

If using the publishing feature of RW 7 wouldn’t do what I’d like, would an alternative be to export the pages created in RW (along with other files exported by RW) to my computer and then simply FTP those files via an FTP app such as Transmit to my site server?

Any thoughts or suggestions on this would be greatly appreciated.

You can ddo what you are asking by using the offsite type of page(plugin). As far as publishing goes you you should be able to do either. You will have to manage you navigation to the older pages (going to the new ones).

Doug, The offsite page plugin would appear to allow the inclusion of another website into the site being created. That’s not quite what I have in mind. I want to simply replace some of the introductory pages in my current site, including the home page, and to continue the same site on the same server.

Sorry, I misunderstood what you wanted to do. There would be no way to just change a few pages on your freeway site. All the navigation would be out of wack.
You would probably be best to rebuild with RapidWeaver by cutting and pasting from the existing site or stay with the same freeway product and make the changes needed there until you have time to migrate.

Roy, it can be done. I have an 18 year old site originally built in Dreamweaver, and Rapidweaver. Last year I started to use a mobile friendly layout in Rapidweaver and did my home page and a couple of main landing pages that point to my older pages. I did use the offsite page plugin type to link to some of my old content on the same site. What this does is add them to the navigation of the Rapidweaver styled pages. If you do not want them in the navigation, then just add regular links to them on the pages you make in Rapidweaver. You can do your custom site index or site map to link to your other old pages.

You should be able to publish them from Rapidweaver without messing up your old pages. I however use the export method to my local computer and use Dreamweaver to FTP them up to my site. The only rare problem that I have is that when I export the site, it sometimes removes my “images” folder off the root of my site on my computer. I am told that if the folder were to have a different name like “photos” or “pics” this would not happen. I keep website backups on my time machine drive to restore my images folder as needed.

So basically YES, you can manage new pages in Rapidweaver and keep your old pages on the same site. Make sure that the new pages that you are creating have the same filename and URL path structure of pages that you are replacing, this way you will not get any broken links on your old pages.


Joseph, thank you for your interesting response.