RapidWeaver 7 publishing OK, web site appearance not

I got some trouble while publishing. RW7 hung up and froze completely. This is now solved and RW7 does publishing very fine, the upload to the server is OK, too.
But when I want to see the published site in my browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox), the changes to all the pages are not shown. The only thing I see is the old version of the site before RW7.
Publishing to a local folder produces the same error. Republishing all the files does not help …
Today’s RW7.0.1 does not solve the problem.
Any idea where to look or what to change in RW7?
Thank you for the feedbacks.

Firstly - assume you have refreshed your browser(s). Stating the obvious but …

Could try deleting the entire project from your server using ftp (making sure you leave any external files untouched e.g. ht.access and google / bing verification).

Then mark all pages as changed and republish all files/resources.

You could also check that you don’t have both and index.html and an index.php on your server. If one of your changes was to generate a new index.php page, your server will still show the index.html first

Thanks for the feedback … There is just one “home page” file I called home.php. There’s nothing else.

I do not want to delete files on the server until really necessary. As my site is very old (2006) I am not sure which files are really needed and which not :-((
But I have partially solved the problem: Publishing all the files to the local export location is fine now. I now simply copied all the files to the server replacing the old ones. Here we are! Everything is fine …
But the initial problem of publishing through RW7 directly to the server still isn’t solved …