Published site differs from Preview

Hi folks

I published a site some time ago and recently have come to make some additions to it - specifically to the “about us” page.

I’ve made additions between the second set of images and the line “For your peace of mind…” and in order to make sure that all text and image settings were consistent with those already present, I merely copied and pasted some of the existing text and image stacks into the new content area and then substituted the text and images. In preview mode both in RW and browsers, all looks good and is consistent with the page style but as soon as I publish, things go awry. On desktop the images are messed up and on a phone browser the new text displays larger and wider while the new image refuses to display with a border and rounded corners. I haven’t got a clue what’s happening here and would really appreciate some input.


This is how it appears in Preview:



I would first republish all files.

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Hi Fuellemann. I’ve tried that, cleared the cache but no joy, still the same story.

Okay, 2 x republishing of all files seems to have fixed it.

Thanks, dude.

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