Why does my Published website look different to the built-in Preview?

If you notice that the Preview in RapidWeaver of your web page looks a lot different from when you uploaded it to your server and viewed it in Safari, it’s possible that the upload didn’t finish properly.

There could be a few reasons for this, like interruptions in your network or problems with your web hosting service or publishing settings. A simple solution is to choose “Re-Publish All Files” from the File menu. This usually resolves the issue.

Tip: Sometimes a broken-version of a site can get cached locally by the browser, so it’s alway best to test on a different device where possible to confirm it’s not just your machine seeing the issue.

Export and Upload using third-party FTP app

If re-publishing does not resolve your issue, we recommend exporting your site locally and checking that everything looks correct. As long as your pages are standard HTML you can open them in Safari (or your Browser of choice).

Once you’ve checked the locally exported version of your website looks correct, we recommend uploading it using a third-party client, such as Transmit. While this is not ideal (as it’s much easier to use the built-in publishing), it should get you back up and running.

Once your site looks correct online, we recommend trying to re-publish again with RapidWeaver.

If you’re still seeing issues after trying to re-publish all files, please contact support, or ask for help below.