Several images diseapered from my site replaced with something like "Stacks Image 32"

I can’t tell why this would happen. Below is a page with an example. You can see the image title between the paragraphs but no image. Everything was displaying fine yesterday. Any ideas what I can do to fix this?

Those images have URL’s but don’t seem to be on the server.

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How strange, they used to load and now it says they aren’t there? I just republished that page now and all the images showed up on my end. The problem is I don’t know if they are going to keep loading since the first time I uploaded them they didn’t show up. It wasn’t until the next day there were problems.

Also Stacks 4.2 came out between my uploads which had bugfixes so I don’t know if that played into things working again.

If the images were working, then stopped, then started again – I’d chalk-up some of that behavior to caching – either in your browser – or perhaps if you’re using something like CloudFlare (a CDN) those sorts of issues always seem to be par for the course.

It sounds to me like at some point the images didn’t get uploaded or perhaps the location of the images changed – and the URL changed – but the upload didn’t happen or was interrupted – or something.

Really, anytime your RW Preview looks substantially different than the published pages on your server – then it’s likely related to an upload issue. And my recommendation is always the same. Try this first, it tends to fix 95% of upload related problems:

Choose Re-Publish All Files from the File menu. This will force upload the entire site again. No matter what the issue was that caused a file to be absent – this Re-Publish All Files should correct it. This is different from simply choosing Publish again…

Normal Publish will only upload the changes. If RW believes, for whatever reason, that a file has already been uploaded, then it won’t waste time uploading it again.

Re-Publish All Files is a sort of brute force way to get the Publish cache back in sync with the files on your host. But it does take a little while if you have a lot of images or movies – so set it off, then go make a cup of coffee. :coffee:

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I wasn’t aware of the re-publish all files function. Good to know. Was trying to cut down file size on some of the images after seeing the slow load times. A lot of images probably had the same name.

I don’t think my problem is just with uploading @isaiah. Right now I think my entire site is loading fine online but sometimes the page doesn’t show up right in Rapidweaver after I have made no changes to the page locally.

For an example there is a stack of images on the Jurassic Park page that functions fine online but locally the images get badly cropped off. If I restart RW everything appears to be fine again. That tells me there is something wrong locally.

(It probably would have helped to take a screen shot when it wasn’t working but I didn’t think that far ahead.)

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