Published updated version of my site, how do I get rid of the cached old site for my visitors?

I just published an entirely new version of our website ( using RW8 and Stacks. How do I ensure that the new site shows up for visitors and that they don’t continue to see a cached copy? I understand that RW8 has cache-busting enabled, but I don’t think it’s totally working for us…both my partner and I had to clear our caches to see the new site. We have some important new content that repeat visitors of our site need to see.

I am not a developer by any stretch, so I’m going to need some help here!

The always helpful @teefers had a link about this last year: Cache Busting in RW


Perhaps this applies;
In the past when I have uploaded a new redo of a site I have deleted almost all the old files off the host’s server first.
There is at least one folder that must remain but I forget what it is.
I consulted the hosting support first.

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