Having publishing issues since last update

Not sure if this is a stacks issue or RW, Since the last update It won’t publish at all. When I click on preview the changes are shown, however after publish the old stuff is still there. I have a time clock running from timeanddate.com and that is inserted HTML in a stack.


I have this same problem - preview works, the site says it has published, but the old site is still there


Ok I think I figured out what happened. It all started when I upgraded to 7.1 and above. I had to go in by ftp and delete everything then reload it all. My ftp wasn’t changing but once I did that, my site was good to go.

Thanks Gary - I cleared my cache and got my revision republished after about 5 days of frustration. But the same problem still happens now, with no change in settings. The cache clearing is not helping. I will go in and clear out all my files. Of course if the problem still occurs afterwards, I will have nothing at all!