Publishing hanging

With the latest release (8.1.7) I have some problems when publishing the site. I do modifications and the publishing window is simply hanging, with nothing happening. And I’m obliged to use the FORCE QUIT from the Apple menu to exit the application

Same here. Publishing is prepared and then 0 of 0 is displayed and the function hangs. If I cancel publishing, nothing works and I have to force quit RW.

A few times I was able to publish single pages instead of clicking on publish in the top right corner. This is no longer possible.

It does not work with ALL my pages! Where can i download the previous version?

Edit: Here is the download of version 8.1. Until you have solved the problems at RW, it works fine.

I’d recommend sending your project to Realmac Support. It will probably help their developers to have the actual project file and get it to do this inside of their debugger so they can learn the cause of the issue.

As I said, it concerns ALL projects.

It’s very strange that it works again and again and then it doesn’t… I’ve never had it before and it happens to me for the first time in version 8.1.7.

I’m having the same issue with all of my sites as well, since upgrading. The problem appears that RW is not recognising or trusting the SSL Cert on the server when trying to use FTPS. Never had this issue before, I’ve even added an exception, but RW is ignoring that as well.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hey guys, would you be able to send your project files along with your FTP login details to with a subject of “FAO: Tom #3065”.

Project files can be quite large so using DropBox or WeTransfer might be necessary.


I found something on the problem. The password in the publishing settings is sometimes simply deleted. When publishing, there is no hint that the password is missing, but the publication simply hangs and you have to restart the program. If you enter the password, everything works.

Since the installation of the version 8.1.7 this happens in all other versions as well…

MacBook Pro, macOS 10.13.6, RW 8.1.7

Thats a different problem to me. If I just switch to FTP, publishing works fine. My issue is with FTPS and the SSL Cert not being recognised.

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