RW 7.1.7 hangs after saving or publishing

After forcing to stop and restarting rapidweaver. It also automatic restarts the website what caused the hanging. Then there is an endless loop. I can not start or stop anything.

I updated yesterday rw and stacks to the newest versions.

What is happening and how can i resolve this problem

@Winventor, I’m experiencing the same problem.
I renamed the file and then have been able to reopen.

But RW 7.1.7 still does not save my 7.0.4 migrated projects.

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The first thing I’d try (after backing up a bit) is the RapidWeaver 7.2 beta. It has A LOT of fixes for both saving and exporting – and I’ve seen it fix many similar issues.

If that doesn’t work, I’d encourage you to share your project along with addons folder (just zip everything up and send us a Dropbox share link – or whatever sharing service you like). Send to and we’ll take a look for you and can probably provide specific advice, fix bugs – or help file bugs to Realmac to get things working again.