Publishing in RW - Ongoing Issues

Using Version 6.3.4 (15071)

Personally I have not really had any serious publishing issues with RW6. Till now.

I find that:-

a) If I resume a session on my MBP, make some changes then hit publish. The pages export etc… but the window showing how many files etc to be sent just sticks and never gets past the first couple of files.
Solution: Mark all pages and resources as changed and republish all. Thats the ONLY thing that gets it going again.

b) Even if I DO mark all as changed and republish all… UNLESS I first delete the corresponding files on the host side the changes I made don’t get published. Yes, I’ve checked/refreshed/cleared cache…etc… the content simply is not in the files on the host. I need to delete and republish… after that… it’s okay, till the end of that session.

I’ve tried smart publishing on and off, restarted, rebooted… changed number of FTP threads from one to various numbers… all no good… Actually using a maximum concurrent of more than one gets me locked out of my host…but in Transmit I can transfer three files simultaneously and never once have a problem (and when I use transmit I’m often sending thousands of files).

I’d really like to know what RMS are going to do about this, my typical workflow is highly incremental. Do a bit, publish, do a bit, publish… and the FTP engine built into Version 6.3.4 (15071) simply does not support that.


I was hoping that RMS will address your problems with publishing, because I used to have all sorts of problems, too. Until I quit using RW for publishing once and for all. Now, I use Transmit – like you – and I don’t have any publishing problems since – also like you.

There must be some fundamental error in RW’s approach to FTP functions, otherwise, all those years of trial-and-error in publishing must have been fixed by now. I know that some people do not experience those problems. To me, that is a kind of hint that RMS should use to resolve this situation. They should ask themselves a question: why programs like Transmit work flawlessly every time for any user with any computer configuration and why RW does not?