Rock solid FTP in RW7. Am I alone?

I often read about problems with the build in FTP client of RW7. I am so happy with its integration and speed. I create folders on my webspace directly in RW and upload sites to this folder without a problem and with full speed.
And i like the presets very much. Very helpful.

Am I alone?
Am I a lucky guy?


Not alone, I rarely have issues publishing. I have mine set to 6 too. I do get the occasional hiccup where it fails, but I quickly click publish again and 99.999999% of the time it works great the second time. Which is still faster than publishing with the setting to 1. I could not be happier with the speed and accuracy of the FTP engine.


I agree. I worry, selfishly perhaps, that all these reports of dodgy FTP in RW7 will cause RMS to alter the publishing engine inside RapidWeaver in some way. Personally I don’t want it to change one bit as I publish things all the time and to many different hosts and rarely have a problem.

I’m set to three connections / extended passive mode and it just ‘works’ again and again. Its fast too. There have been rare occasions where it has failed or crashed - but those are very rare and repeating the publish has always done the trick with no fuss.


No problems with the RapidWeaver FTP client here. Speed is comparable to standalone clients like Transmit and the option to create a lot of presets is great. Normally there is no need to use a standalone client, except I have to manage something directly on the server (maybe editing the htaccess, controlling permissions etc.

The only thing I miss is that Rapidweaver doesn’t delete old documents.

When I have FTP problems they are caused by router or by server problems.


Me too here with no FTP problems.


I envy you, guys, because in my case, I have no luck at all. After several disappointments in each and every version of RW since v. 5.0, I gave up on RW’s publishing and use Transmit for uploading from exported folder. Not once did I have any problem with that.

In RW version 7, I had one initial publishing that was successful (using built-in FTP – in extended-passive mode with 4 connections). After that, there was always something wrong: freezing, incomplete publishing, unexpected quits).

How do you, guys, explain problems other people have with built-in FTP? Surely, if you read this forum regularly, you see scores of complaints about publishing problems?

Several components are involved:

  • The App (RapidWeaver)
  • The operating system (macOS)
  • The transport layer (router, ISP)
  • The FTP server

They all have to work together to make the upload flawless.

I, agree, Jannis. Let’s break it down:

  1. The app (every one of us uses the same app);
  2. The operating system – I am using the latest publicly released one (not a beta), updated to the latest version 10.11.6;
  3. Router, ISP – here, there’s a place for some more detailed explanation. What characteristics of a router and an ISP matter?
  4. The FTP server – same in each and every copy of RW, or, a separate application. In my case, ‘Transmit’ works for me every time, but built-in FTP almost always fails.

So, at this point, my conclusion is that the only thing that influences our experience in publishing is the built-in FTP. Unless someone will prove that some aspects of a router and/or ISP also play specific important roles. And even if it is proven, why 3rd party FTP apps never fail?

I think that this discussion could be beneficial for all of us, if we all try to find some solid answers.

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And please do not compare the Transmit app, which sole purpose is to provide FTP support, with an app like RW, where only one component of the overall product is about FTP.
I guess 99% if the RW users do not have any problems. The remaining 1% are the ones complaining here in the forum.

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With FTP server, I think of the hosting provider which is storing your website. And they are more than different from each other.

Forgive my bluntness, but that’s a crap. I know you don’t mean that 1% doesn’t count. Let’s get to the bottom of the problem, instead of dismissing it.

I am not dismissing it.

You say “generally, the FTP functionality of RW is crap”. I say “it does not work for 1% because the components do not play together”.

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You say “generally, the FTP functionality of RW is crap”.

No, Jannis, I was referring to your previous comment…

And I am fully aware, that the components do not play together. That is exactly my problem.

Perhaps some of RMS developers would like to chip-in to this discussion? It would be both educational and reassuring, knowing that you, guys, recognize that we have a real problem on our hands and not just some unwarranted complaining.

I’m among the lucky ones. I do feel for those that are experiencing issues as I imagine its incredibly frustrating.

I would say, though, that Realmac has been very dedicated to FTP, in my opinion (based on release notes, podcast discussions, etc). Maybe even at the expense of other things (perhaps the blog plugin, for example). There’s obviously some mysteries left though. Maybe 7.1 can get the 1% down to 0.5%.

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What is your upload bandwidth? Maybe there occurs a simple timeout if there is not enough bandwidth? Are you using a firewall? Do you use LittleSnitch?

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Pretty solid for me. The only time I have issues is if I publish, then do another publish very shortly afterwards (a few seconds). I occasionally get a “failed to login” type error in these instances, but I suspect it is due to my host putting in measures to prevent excessive logins within a certain timeframe. In general, FTP seems very quick and stable.

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I’ve been using FTP across multiple platforms, OS versions, clients and servers since the last century, but never had noteworthy problems until I used Rapidweaver. RW6 was hopeless and the beta of RW7 seemed a bit better if not perfect. After release it became worse.

Perhaps 7.1 will be better but I’ve adopted a different workflow where I export to a local folder and then use Yummy FTP to synchronise with the server. That works reliably, while saving me a lot of time and hassle.

@ashleykaryl That is completely my experience with 2 Macs trying to Publish customer sites with a wide variant of different hosts. I have wiped one of those Macs and did a fresh install on a new SSD and still had problems. I have also tested it from other locations through different providers. Never once have I had a problem using Forklift, YummyPro or CyberDuck or back in my Softpress Freeway days. Also I have never had to make any adjustment to the number of connected with any other FTP software. RW6 would crash when Publishing but when I switched to just Export and using an FTP, the crashing stopped.

I have used LittleSnitch but that causes no issues with other FTP programs and have removed LittleSnitch as a test and still had issues with RW6. The only way I can use RW6 is to Export and then use an FTP to upload. This works perfectly every time and is quick. Unfortunately, RW7.04 fails to export without producing an error. Hoping 7.1 or beyond will work.

@webdeer For me it would be easier if it was only one error message or type of behaviour but it’s so random and just cannot be relied on.