Publishing issues: multiple Pro Gallery 2 sliders on one page - won't publish single page correctly

I’ve had publishing issues like this forever… in the previous version of PG as well… I can’t seem to publish a single page with changes. If I do, it looks like the second row in the first image. I am not seeing any errors. If I republish all it works ok. What could it be missing that I can’t publish a single page correctly?

Let me add to this… same thing happens with @instacks Poster Stack. Title and read more should not be showing. I just added to my blog and same thing is happening.

anyone? I can’t republish all every time I make a little change.

25 PM

Don’t see what you see with the link above. I do see rather different results for Safari and Chrome.

Safari (and Firefox) look like this:

Chrome (latest version looks like this:

Looks like chrome is not going into columns.
As for your publishing issue, not sure.

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I’m seeing the one column mess up in all 3 browsers. I still wonder if all this is related to Cloudflare :frowning: or caching. No matter what I do, the only thing that seems to fix things is to republish all.

Also, the blog page is not showing correctly.
The father’s day shouldn’t have the date or 2 titles or read more as screenshot in my second post. Do you see that?

I also don’t see what you have here on the screenshots…

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CloudFlare was not your earlier problem; I think it was more with DNS not propagating (WWW vs. Non-WWW).
Are you refreshing CloudFlare’s Cache or turning CloudFlare into development mode while you’re making changes?
It looked to me like the CSS files (stack-page-12) didn’t match the HTML.
I didn’t still have your page up, and when I reloaded it looks like this:


I am in development mode, and I have tried clearing the cache in CF, but haven’t cleared often because I thought that develop mode would not give me those issues.

Gremlins, I tell you!

In the regular CloudFlare (not-cPanel) it last 3 hours. Then turns back on. Would think the cPanel would be same.
It works like a champ, use it all the time.

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I’m doing it directly on the Cloudflare website, not cPanel. I think it’s set at 4 hours. I guess I just need to finish up and leave things alone. I’m just cleaning up now and adding a few photos here and there, but no more layout or stack changes.
thanks for all the extra eyes to let me know I’m not crazy :slight_smile:

Development mode is only 3 hours (not settable); more info on it:

You can also get hit by caching in your browser, or proxy servers. IMO it’s always best to do changes and test entirely locally (MAMP) then publish to servers.

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ah I see. Did not realize that about Development mode.
thank you.