Publishing Upload Issues

Hi Guys

Does anyone have the same or similar issue as I have reported below and more importantly has a resolution been found - I am still awaiting a response from RW support.

I am finding that I am having to constantly re-publish my entire site (1250 files currently) each and every time I make small (non site wide) page updates.

Given the size of my site this takes considerable time out of the day.

I use exclusively warehoused images / video etc so these at least are not having to be re-uploaded each time but surely this is not the way publishing incremental updates should be handled ?

I am using the latest RW 7 version 7.5.2 and use all of the latest stacks within the main stacks install of 3.5.5 . Joe Workmans Foundation is the infrastructure used.

I do hope you can provide some useful insight into what is a growing problem.

Kind Regards

I have about the same size site and I make heavy (almost exlusively) use of using the publish single page feature when the change affects that single page only. In the left hand page pane right click the page and “publish single page.”

If I do need to publish lot’s of pages (global changes) I almost always publish to local folder and use ftp.

@csmltd - Paul - do you use Grid Iron 3 on your site? If so, that may be the reason. I’ve had the same issue ever since I started using it. @barchard has indicated that an update is coming that should reduce it but it’s not here yet.


Hi Greg

I too used this method until it appeared that this method was not sufficient - forcing me to republish everything


I do not use Grid iron

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