Publishing & page status

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RapidWeaver Version: 6.2.3 (14912) This is incorrect, but it is what was auto populated. I’m running 14933, the 6.3 beta.
System Version: 10.10.4
Hardware: 13-Inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display, 2.7GHz Processor, 128 GB SSD Storage, 8GB Memory.

When publishing the page status markers (indicating a page has been changed) do not go away. I initially had this problem with the 6.2.4, and so went back to 6.2.3. But now I have the problem regardless of version number: so I just started using the latest beta.

What’s very strange is I use my current project on two different computers: and I don’t experience this problem on my second computer (the one I use at my office).

Expected Result:
I’m expecting to be have a “clear status” after publishing to the markers to away.

Additional Links:
I don’t have anything additional to show you. The lack of changing from marked to unmarked pages occurs no matter whether I choose “clear page status” after publishing, or after exporting.

Thanks, we’ll take a look.

Something very strange is going on. I removed some of my lesser used stacks (just in case that made a difference). I would then export to a folder and nothing changed: all pages remained marked. However I just did an update to one page, and decided just to publish directly (instead of exporting). All the markers went away, except on two pages. So that was a pleasant surprise but I have no idea why 2 pages would still have markers on them.

BTW I am using Stacks 3 beta. If I remember correctly I think I saw this behavior before I started using Stacks 3, so i doubt it’s related but just reporting so you have full information.

We have made a change in the most recent update or two with the management of the dots. If you’ve got a project file we can look at, that would be very useful. Possibly worth a Re-Publish All Files to see if that clears things out?

@nikf I’m glad to send you the project file. I’ll try “republish all” in about 30 minutes. I’ll provide a link so you can download. Where should I send the link? :wink:

Thanks! Email with link to project file just sent!

@nikf Republishg all files did get rid of the marks on pages. That’s great!

However, now if I mark a page as changed, then publish, the mark remains. This is true of any page I individually mark as changed.

Could I get some specific, really stating the obvious, steps to look into this?


I have the same problem at Mathew with dots not disappearing.

I made changes to a few different pages (dots appear) then I published - all files uploaded successfully but the dots remain… this is a new problem with the current version 6.3 14965

I have continued testing - although I successfully published (above) I pressed publish again. This time it publishes 6 files (although I made no edits at all)

Pressed Publish gain and it published 5 file successfully. Then 4, then 3… hmmm I detect a pattern :smile:

pressed publish again (still made no changes) and it starts to republish all files - YIKES - cancelled this operation.


@paul: I continued this conversation with Nik via email, but there seemed to be no resolution. I continue to have “wacky” experiences. What’s weirder for me is this happens on one computer. If I transfer the project file to my second computer, republish all files (which gets rid of markers), then even when I change 1-2 pages the markers will be have as normal when I do I regular publish.

Of course once I bring the project file back to the first computer, the whole problem starts all over again. Very frustrating.