Publishing password not retained after Security Update 2017-001

I installed Apple’s latest security update today and now the password in the RW publishing settings is lost every time I close the application, requiring me to re-enter it when I next publish. If I try to publish without doing this, the publishing action stops, showing 0 of 0 files, and can’t be cancelled, requiring a force quit of RW. This Apple update addressed a keychain security issue so I’m assuming this is the reason, but having to re-enter the password every time is a chore, especially if I forget and freeze the application. Is anybody else experiencing this?

I’m having a similar problem with Yummy FTP.

With the security update I did have to enter my computer’s login password for some apps (Transmit, RW). But after doing this once, subsequent startups were just fine.

Yummy FTP Pro seems to have resolved itself but the problem persists with RW. Very frustrating, especially as RW locks on the publishing dialogue, as previously described, if I forget to re-enter the password in the settings.

After a lot of unsuccessful attempts I’ve finally resolved this problem by double-clicking the relevant password item in my login keychain (i.e. the server internet password) and inspecting the Access Control information. It already showed RW7 in the ‘Always allow access…’ application list. As RW7 was obviously not being allowed access, I deleted it from this list and then re-added it. This seems to have done the trick, in case anybody else encounters the same problem.


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