Can't publish after RW8 update

Hi, I’m running Mac OS 10.14.4 and just upgraded to RW 8.2.1. Changed nothing but I’m being told I can’t publish. Apparently my ftp setting aren’t right. But I haven’t changed them. Any ideas?

What exact message are you getting?
Have you tried re-entering your ftp credentials?
If that doesn’t work it might be helpful to give a bit more information.

  • screenshot of your publishing settings
  • screenshot of error message
  • hosting company name

Thanks Doug. The message I’m getting and the screen for my ftp set up are attached as screenshots. I’m aware the password field is blank but as I haven’t changed anything from last time I successfully published I’m still unsure why I’m getting these messages. It’s so long since i did anything with the ftp settings I’m going to have to dig deep for passwords etc so i want to make sure i need to before I start messing about with settings. My host is Little Oak.


Helpfully, I can only put one image in a post, so the next image follows.

Second image.

@Martincloake There’s no way around it: you NEED a password. Simple as pie.

I have run into situations where my password seems to have been deleted from the publishing settings. This hasn’t happened to me for a long time now. It could have been some weird issue with RW, or it could have been my own fault by unintentionally deleting. Whatever the cause … something HAS changed since you no longer have the password.

In addition I always have the path and website address included. It looks like you do have a website address so you may be fine. (Please note it’s HTTP instead of HTTPS. You’ll want to think about upgrading to HTTPS in the future.)

It’s wise to store your FTP username and password in a database (just as you presumably do for various website logins). If you’re not already doing this I’d recommend 1Password, but there are a few other very good options.


I believe that RapidWeaver keeps your login credentials (username and password) in macOS’s keychain along with ever other password.
As @Mathew pointed out from the screenshots you don’t have a password filled in.

If I remember some people have had to re-enter credentials after upgrading and once done you should be back in business.

Thanks both. It seems the upgrade deletes the password. I’ve re-entered. Annoyingly, the ftp credentials are not saved on keychain. But, it’s sorted and think you both for your help. I’ve always found ftp stuff to be a bit complicated - bit of a mental block but we got there.

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