Publishing problem wit RW

(Marc Lucas) #1

I have just created a new replacement site copied all the existing publishing setting over and keep having problems with publishing I keep getting this error.
I’m using Vidahost
When I tried to publish my new site it missed out some files so I’ve had to revert back to the old site.
Anything to look out for?

(Marc Lucas) #2

I’m using 7.4.1 and the theme is Royal from Nick Cates

(Marc Lucas) #3

Now I can’t revert back because publishing stops at around 30 files and I get this error

(Marc Lucas) #4

Now I’m getting this whats going on??

(Marc Lucas) #5

Not sure whether this is connected but the old site had an actual title in the Publishing settings “My Server” but the new site has Untitled Destination?

(Marc Lucas) #6

All sorted I had run out of disk space on my server:slight_smile:

(Jason Bostick) #7

Sometimes, you can try adjusting the ‘concurrent connections’ setting if you get that message as well. Some hosts don’t like the multiple connections

(LJ) #8

done that a few times - you’re not alone :slight_smile:

(Marc Lucas) #9

Thanks guys! It is a little worrying but as soon as you know what it is things don’t seem as bad:-)