To Publish or not to publish

Been using RW6 about a week. First time this happens I check if there was any upload, and the whole site was uploaded. Today I re-published all my files and got the message enclosed. Went to check the site from my other computer, again, the whole site was there. Is it my server, the program or…? I am using RW 6.3.2 with my old theme, which is not responsive. Any hints?

All tips welcome and appreciated.

Cloudy Puerto Rico

This happens to me on occasion if RW is left open for extended period of times. I trust you have restarted RW?

I did restarted. Mine is a big site thats why the time extended period until finish the upload. Forgo to mention that I am using stack 3, but I don’t think that’s matter. I dont care about the message, if it upload. Thanks for your feed.

What are the settings in the publish settings? Specifically the Maximum Concurrent Uploads? If it is on 6, lower it down. Try as low as 1.

Thanks Zeebe, I will try tomorrow as soon as the storm
around here go away.

Rainy Puerto Rico

I agree. This is completely normal.
When I have open RapidWeaver for hours and do not work, nothing save, RW must first get in touch with the server.
But RW is too fast and there is an error message. Click again and again (2x, 3x) the Publish button, everything is ok.