Publishing Problems cant do small updates (Resolved)

Is anyone else having probelms publishing sites via Rapidweaver … perhaps since the update?
Im working on 2 sites. One is only one page and was working perfectly. Now to publish I have to export and then publish via Transmit.

A seccond site is many many pages. I was making various updates and publishing the single page as I went along.

All of a sudden even though the blue dot is only on pne page, when I try to publish RW tries to publish 3000 files. It takes some time trying and ultimately fails.
I have a long awaited zoom call with the client in an hour … im going to look really stupid as I cant make even small changes and fixes before the call. VERY frustrating. I host all sites with Chillidog. I do not think the problem is there becvause I can publish with Transmit. I think there is a glitch in the update?

I can’t help much on this one. No problems publishing for me with the latest update. So it’s not a general problem … but obviously it effects you and I think some other people. Not sure what is causing it.

I am also having an issue after the last RW Update. Missing elements on a page no matter how many times i transmit. The published page does not reflect what I see in RW preview.

@RNavarre Ron,
I answered your problem here:

RW8.8.2 not updating page - RapidWeaver - RapidWeaver Support Forum (

I have figured out my problem. I went back and deleted the work that I had done before publishing stopped working.
I had created 2 video pages and had various video stacks in there. I had not completed the test pages. I deleted the pages and publishing started again … so I havnt had time to figure out exactly what wenbt wrong and it was probably because I had not completed the test pages… but something was causing the glitch because all is well with that site now.