Publishing stop working correctly after the upgrade

(Bill Fleming) #1

RW been working since day 1 since I purchased it until I upgraded it to 7.5.5. then it would freeze in the middle of publishing randomly.

I can’t quit or exit RW after it freezes and I have to force quit the app to restart it. I am still unable to publish without it freezing on me.

Downgrading does not fixes it. What should I check or look into to fix this issue?

Thank you

(Bill Fleming) #2

Republish all files does not fix it and freezes too.

(Jason Bostick) #3

This was happening to me and I noticed that, when I went into publishing setup, my saved passwords had all gone missing. I re-typed it in and it worked as normal.

(Bill Fleming) #4

It will log in the server with no problem, it just freezes in the middle of publishing like at 26 out of 29, 3 out of 29, or 17 out of 29 etc. then freezes.

(Bill Fleming) #5

This is published from same files and it freezes to a point where I have to force quit to be able to open RW again.

(Jason Bostick) #6

Ah, that’s different then mine then. There are a couple of suggestions here you could try: Publishing fails consistently

(Bill Fleming) #7

Thank you @jabostick

The other post you linked mentioned to redo the bookmark so I did and it seem to fixes it.

(system) #8

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